4 Myths of Shopping For Auto Insurance in Frisco, TX

Auto Insurance Frisco TXShopping for auto insurance can be confusing. Here are four myths, clarified.

1.  Your current policy must be expired before shopping for auto insurance in Frisco, TX
Actually, you can shop for auto insurance at  any point in time during your current policy’s term, though you may have to pay fees to exit your current policy. The amount of the fee varies by provider, however, you can usually expect to pay on average a ten percent fee for the unused premium on your policy. It is important to compare what it will cost to exit your current policy with what you will be saving with the switch.

2. It’s more expensive to go with a local insurance agent.
It is true that companies who sell directly to the public do save money by not incurring costs on commissions for agents, however, they rarely pass those savings on to the customer. They instead choose to spend those savings in other areas, such as advertising, which they need since they often do not have a local agent presence who can do the marketing for them. Local agents can often provide pricing that is more competitive as it is based on the current area and not a broad, nationwide swath of drivers.

3.  You will get cheaper auto insurance when you turn twenty-five
While age is an important factor in pricing auto insurance, there is no real, hard-and-fast rule that says your premium will experience a downtick once you turn twenty-five. There are other options for receiving discounts on your policy and  it can include bundling a renters or homeowners policy with your car’s auto coverage or paying your premium in full. Some companies offer discounts for customers who choose to receive paperless billing. Always check with your insurer on the discounts you qualify for when shopping for a new auto insurance policy.

4.  If my car is stolen and I have comprehensive coverage, the car and everything inside it is covered
You may be dismayed to know that comprehensive coverage typically only applies to items that are physically attached to your car. For example, a car stereo or a GPS device that was factory installed. Your phone, laptop, or sweet Yanni CD collection (soprano sax for life!) will have to be covered under your homeowners or renters coverage. Your auto insurance agent should be able to suggest the best solution for your policy.

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