5 Reasons Small Business Health Insurance Is A Good Thing

Small Business Health Insurance Frisco TXAs a small business owner, you’re probably looking for as many ways as possible to reduce spending, which means that providing small business health insurance to your employees isn’t something you’re relishing the thought of doing.  The problem is that not providing health insurance for your employees can be more costly than providing it.  Here are 5 reasons you should seriously consider small business health insurance:

1 – Health Benefits Attract Employees

The job market isn’t just competitive for job seekers; it’s also competitive for employers trying to hire the best candidates possible to their companies.  Because the cost of health care is skyrocketing, benefits that include health insurance are a big reason why some job seekers choose one company over another.  When you offer health insurance, you will attract the best employees.

2 – Health Benefits Help You Minimize Turnover

Growing your company is easier when you have employees who are happy to work for you and who aren’t secretly checking the internet during the day looking for jobs that have better benefits.  When your employees are unhappy and turnover becomes a problem, your business simply can’t grow because you won’t be able to establish a team of veterans who know what they’re doing without the need for constant retraining.

3 – Health Benefits Boost Morale

Benefits, especially health insurance benefits, show your employees that you actually care about them and their families.  By understanding and addressing the needs of your workforce, you will ensure that your employees will feel valued and when they feel they are important to you, they will be more likely to take their jobs and your business seriously.

4 – Health Benefits Make For Healthier Employees

Health insurance means that your employees will be able to seek help for serious and minor health problems that can potentially keep them from being able to work.  In addition, health insurance allows them to have regular medical checkups that are designed to catch illnesses and diseases before they become hard to treat or life-threatening and before they require extended job absences.

5 – Health Benefits Can Help You Earn Incentives

The Affordable Care Act has created incentives for employers to develop wellness programs and other activities that support healthier workplaces.  The maximum reward to employers using a wellness program that’s contingent on employee health has increased from 20% to 30% of the cost of health coverage.  The maximum reward for programs designed to prevent or reduce tobacco use is 50%.

Take the guesswork out of buying the small business health insurance your employees want and need.  Call us at the Anthony Blackmon Agency at (469) 291-9006 or visit us online at www.anthonyblackmonagency.com to find out more about how we can help you find the right health insurance for your staff and your budget.

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