Auto Insurance In Frisco TX: Be A Defensive Driver

Auto insurance Frisco TXIt is wise to have auto insurance in Frisco TX because accidents are just waiting to happen. Everyone hopes that it doesn’t happen to them but with the amount of cars on the road you don’t want to take a chance of not being prepared.

Auto insurance in Frisco TX makes all the difference. When vehicles collide, whether it be a simple fender bender, a weather related one car involvement or the worst scenario of a fatal collision, there is peace in knowing that your are insured.

Using common sense and abiding by simple basic rules of driving can help prevent some accidents. It is important to do your part just in case.

Staying focused on the road is vital. Distractions are near the top of the list of why accidents occur. Concentration is where to begin. The best hand position for holding on to the steering wheel is at ten and two. None of this one hand stuff will fly, you are just asking for trouble. Here are some very common DON’TS when driving that too many are guilty of: don’t apply makeup, don’t eat, these first two are all about busy lifestyles and the saving time syndrome. Tending to a child, it’s not just your life that you endanger but your child’s also. Holding a dog, yes this happens. The most abused…talking on the phone  and heaven forbid texting, all are just accidents just waiting to happen.

Check out your surroundings. Be aware of the other drivers and what they are doing. this is truly all about being defensive on the road and being ready for the unexpected.

Don’t drive tired. Pull off before you fall asleep because it can happen so quickly. Remain calm and don’t drive when you are upset. Road rage is hazardous to your health.

Going with the flow is pretty common for interstate driving. Yes you want to abide the speed limit but you also want to be safe. Believe it or not driving too slow can be dangerous also.

Consider always the distance there is between you and the car ahead of you. How good are your car’s brakes and your reflexes? Rear end collisions can involve multiple automobiles.

Being seen by the other guy is key. Make sure that everything is in working order, headlights, brake lights tail lights and turn indicators. Do not remain in someone’s blind spot too long if possible. You might be able to see them but they can’t see you.

The weather cannot be controlled, so consider the conditions. Ice, sleet, snow and rain need to be shown respect. Think about speed, your tires, brakes, and much more before venturing out amongst the elements.

Anthony Blackmon Agency knows all about auto insurance in Frisco TX. We understand how important it is and why it is necessary. We can help you be prepared for the unexpected.

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