Auto Insurance Frisco TX: How Your Insurance Rates Are Determined

Auto Insurance Frisco TXIf you’ve ever shopped around for auto insurance Frisco TX, you’ve probably wondered how insurance companies come to determine the exact amount you’ll pay every month.  Though it can seem somewhat random, the process of fixing your auto insurance rate is decided based on a number of factors that go beyond just how much coverage you want and how high or low you want your deductible to be.  Your monthly premium is decided by the following factors:

Auto Insurance Frisco TX Cost Factors

✓ Your Profession.  What you do for a living matters to auto insurance companies.  If you drive for a living, or your job requires you to have a long daily commute, your insurance may be higher simply because the amount of time you’re on the road raises the odds that you’ll have an accident.

✓ Your Credit Score.  Your credit score does truly follow you everywhere.  Though it may seem counterintuitive to take your credit score into account because you’re not buying insurance on credit, a low credit score can still raise your insurance rates because it can be an indication of the timeliness of your bill-paying.

✓ Where You Live.  If you live in a congested area with a lot of traffic, your insurance rates will be higher than for someone who lives in a rural or sparsely-populated area where there is not much chance of a car accident.

✓ Your Marital Status.  Married drivers tend to have fewer accidents than single drivers, so married people, in general, pay less for auto insurance Frisco TX than unmarried people.  Other factors come into play, though, that will determine your monthly premium.

✓ Your Sex And Age.  Young men, especially teenagers, tend to have more accidents than other demographic groups, so their auto insurance rates are generally higher.  When determining the rates for older drivers, women are more likely to pay a higher rate than men.

✓ Your Driving History.  If you’ve had multiple accidents or tickets for moving violations, you may pay more for insurance.  Fortunately, if you improve your driving, minor accidents and tickets won’t affect your premiums after about three years.  A DUI, however, will follow you for much longer, usually ten years or more.

✓ Your Car.  The type, age and size of the car you want to insure comes into play when determining your insurance rates.  Sports car owners tend to drive faster and get into more accidents, and their cars are more likely to be stolen.  Large vehicles are assumed to be safer and less likely to be totaled in an accident than smaller cars, and newer vehicles cost more to repair than older vehicles.  All of these things are taken into account when determining your insurance cost.

Get Affordable Auto Insurance Frisco TX

When you’re deciding on auto insurance, remember to ask your agent about the factors being used to determine your insurance rate.  Some factors, like age and sex, you can’t change, so you may have to raise your deductible or lower your coverage to get the insurance you need at a price you can afford.  For great commercial auto insurance Frisco TX, call the best agent in North Texas, Anthony Blackmon, at (469) 291-9006 or visit

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