Auto Insurance In Frisco, TX: Auto Insurance Tips For Seniors

Auto Insurance Frisco TXAffordable auto insurance in Frisco, TX can be hard to find for many seniors on fixed incomes, but it’s something necessary for continued mobility.  If you are in your 60s, 70s or older and you’re in the market for auto insurance in Frisco, TX, here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the best rate and the best coverage:

✓ Review Your Policy

If you’re retired and your income situation has changed, review your current auto insurance policy.  It may not be the most exciting thing you’ll read this year, but you’ll have some idea of what your premiums are and if you actually need everything in the current policy.  Your current policy is based on driving habits that may no longer apply, like the number of hours you drive, whether or not you drive in high-traffic areas and the times of day and night you’re driving.

✓ Look At Your Vehicle

Many seniors tend to hang onto older vehicles for a variety of reasons like nostalgia or the fact that the vehicle is paid off.  Unfortunately, keeping an older vehicle can cause your insurance rates to be higher because older cars aren’t usually equipped with the modern safety devices that can reduce damage to the vehicle and lower the likelihood of injury to people inside the car.  Airbags, crumple zones, safety cages, anti-lock braking systems and parking sensors are just a few of the features that auto insurance companies look for to reduce insurance rates.  Although purchasing a new car may not be great for your budget now, it can pay off over time with lower insurance premiums.

✓ Ask About Discounts

Generally, insurance companies look at senior drivers as a good risk.  Most have been driving for decades in all kinds of weather and other driving conditions and are experienced behind the wheel.  For that reason, many offer discounts for seniors with clean driving records who have not been involved in accidents.  Don’t be shy about asking your insurance agent for senior discounts, including discounts for military retirees.  These can often save you as much as 5 to 10 percent.

✓ Compare Auto Insurance Companies in Frisco, TX

Once you’ve decided how much and what kind of insurance you need — and how much you can afford to pay in premiums — get quotes from multiple companies to get the best deal.  Remember to compare the exact same coverage for each.  Before you switch from your current insurance company to another one with lower rates, tell your current company why you’re switching to see if they can lower the rate you have with them to match the one you’re switching to.

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