Best Auto Insurance Frisco TX: Reduce Your New Driver’s Accident Risk

Best Auto Insurance Frisco TXAdding a new driver to your insurance policy can be expensive, but utilizing the best auto insurance Frisco TX company can reduce the stress and financial investment of insuring a teen driver. While shocking for many parents to learn, reducing your teen driver’s risk of an accident while driving can prevent future increases on your policy premiums. Using these tips, you can protect your teen driver and your bank account by reducing their risk of accidents.

Get the Right Vehicle

Your teen may dream of receiving a shiny red sports coupe with a big bow for their 16th birthday, but this model of car is risky to drive and expensive to insure. Here are a few tips to ensure you choose the right vehicle for your new driver:

  • Engine – Your teen driver does not need to operate a high-performance automobile; avoid a powerful V6 or V8 engine.
  • Size – Maneuvering larger vehicles may be difficult for your inexperienced driver, so consider a mid-size SUV, crossover, or sedan.
  • Age – Even if you can afford it, you should not give your teen driver a brand new vehicle. Newer models are not only more expensive to insure, but they are more costly to repair. Opt for a used model that is in the middle of its lifespan.
  • Safety – When selecting a vehicle, focus on its features, since many vehicles include accessories that aid in driver safety. Anti-lock brakes, power steering, airbags, and stability control are all smart options recommended by best auto insurance Frisco TX professionals.

Discipline When Distracted

The majority of accidents involving teen drivers stem from distractions. Although texting is a common distraction, having passengers in the car may also limit your teen’s ability to focus while driving.

Educate your teen about the importance of putting away their phone while driving. They should place their phone in a bag in the trunk or cargo space, preventing them from grabbing it with ease while operating their vehicle.

In addition, you should limit the number of passengers your teen has in the vehicle with them. Socialization, running errands, and carpooling may require multiple passengers, but your new driver should not have multiple people with them. Allow them to include one passenger in the vehicle with them at first. With experience, your teen driver will be able to drive safely with other people.

Insuring a new teen driver may seem overwhelming, but it is a necessary part of life. To learn more about the affordable best auto insurance Frisco TX policies, contact Anthony Blackmon Agency at (469) 291-9006.

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