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Home Insurance Frisco TX: 5 Safety Tips To Lower Home Insurance Costs

If you are a North Texas homeowner, you know that home insurance Frisco TX is a necessity that protects you from loss if something happens to your home.  You also know there are a number of ways that you can save on the cost of your insurance, from shopping around for insurance to choosing a higher deductible or less coverage.  But did you know that you may be able to lower the amount of money you pay in premiums and reduce the likelihood of having to file a claim on your insurance if you make your home safer?  Here are Read more
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Home Insurance Frisco TX: How to Control Home Insurance Costs

It seems like every year when you get the documents to renew your home insurance Frisco TX, the annual premium has increased once again. Going without insurance is too much of a gamble, and usually the lender for your mortgage requires you to have insurance. Here are some ways that you can control the cost of your home insurance: Increase deductibles Make improvements Don’t make claims for minor things Install home security Don’t include land value in your calculation The Anthony Blackmon Agency can work with you to determine the right coverage at the right level of cost for your Read more