Commercial Auto Insurance Frisco TX: Three Ways to Stay Insured

commercial auto insurance Frisco TXCommercial auto insurance Frisco TX will provide insurance coverage for company vehicles and the drivers, as well. Choosing the right commercial insurance coverage can provide needed peace of mind and save your company from paying out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an unfortunate accident.
Business Vehicle Insurance
Most businesses have cars, vans or trucks that are used to assist with the daily tasks involved for the business transactions throughout the day. It is important to keep these business vehicles insured at all times.
Commercial auto insurance Frisco TX will provide coverage for the items listed below for your business vehicles:
Bodily injury – Injuries that occurred due to the accident, to any person involved in the accident. Insurance coverage will pay for medical bills, treatment and any healthcare service required to recover from an accident.
Car damage – Damage done to any company car listed under the policy will be covered. This includes if the car is a total loss or may be repaired in an auto shop. The business owner should get an estimated cost from the auto shop before any damage is repaired.
Liability Insurance
If your business car is involved in an accident and you are at fault, you may be faced with civil litigation. In order to get all of your legal fees paid without costing your company a great deal of money, be sure to have liability insurance in place.
Liability insurance will pay for attorney fees if you are involved in a lawsuit. As a business owner, you can set the amount of liability coverage you wish on a policy. Be sure to provide this number to commercial auto insurance Frisco TX agents to ensure you have liability coverage on your policy.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Despite the dangers of driving without insurance and the laws surrounding insurance requirements, many people simply drive without the adequate amount of coverage.
In the event you are involved in an accident with another driver that doesn’t have insurance, you will want to be sure to have uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance will pay for any bodily injury damages or damages to your business automobiles if this occurs.
You can obtain uninsured motorist coverage for your business and avoid unwanted expenses due to the irresponsibility of another person.
Be sure call Anthony Blackmon Agency for all of your commercial auto insurance Frisco TX needs at 469-362-8484 today including liability and uninsured motorist coverage. We will help you get the coverage you need to stop worrying each day.

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