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small business insurance Frisco TXYou’ve been saying you were going to do it for years, but you’re finally ready to take your family recipes and open a diner. There are 10 important steps in starting your own business, according to legal website You can’t say that any of them are more important than the others, but some people tend to put insurance on the back burner. It’s understandable to get caught up in things like legal paperwork, finding a location and getting it ready for opening day, obtaining the proper permits and meeting with your accountant. However, obtaining small business insurance Frisco TX is a vital part of opening your small business.
Even before your doors open, it’s wise to obtain insurance coverage for your business. Small business insurance Frisco TX involves more than just a blanket business policy. Microsoft Business reveals that there are potentially seven types of coverage that a small business might need. Liability and business automobile are two must-have policies for just about any type of business, as is coverage for the business owner and property insurance. Other types of policies you may want to consider are product liability insurance, business income insurance and errors and omissions insurance, depending on what type of business you have.
Knowing which types of small business insurance Frisco TX are necessary involves assessing the risks you’ll face. You can certainly do a good job analyzing whether the service you offer has the potential of harming someone if you or an employee neglects to do it correctly, but it’s also a smart move to have an insurance agent perform his own review of your business. As an insurance agent, he’s seen a few things that you might not think of and will be able to advise you on state requirements and what a reasonable and adequate amount of coverage will be.
If you have questions about obtaining small business insurance Frisco TX,  insurance agent Anthony Blackmon would be happy to discuss policies, benefits and requirements. He’s also the ideal agent to do a risk assessment to ensure you have the right type and enough coverage for your small business. With 16 years experience in the Frisco, TX area, Anthony knows the ins and outs of insuring small businesses. Give the Anthony Blackmon Agency a call today at 469-362-8484 to discuss your existing or brand-new business. They’re fully committed to helping you save on small business insurance in Frisco TX.

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