Home Insurance Frisco TX: Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet After A Disaster

Home insurance Frisco TXPurchasing auto, life or home insurance in Frisco TX means that you’ll be protected from financial loss should something bad happen to you, a loved one, your car or your home.  While insurance coverage is important and necessary for rebuilding your life, it’s also important that you do everything you can to get your life and your finances back in order.   Here are some tips for things you can do to get back on your feet quickly:

Gather your important documents.  The key to quicker recovery after a major or minor disaster strikes is paperwork.  In the event of theft or a natural disaster, having certified copies or duplicate originals of important documents – and photos of high-dollar items – can mean faster replacement of your possessions.  Disaster considerations aside, in general, it’s always a good idea to have secured copies of all of your important paperwork including:

 Identification.  If your home is destroyed, having copies of identifying documents like your social security card, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage license or passport can help you to establish your identity quickly, which will also speed up the processing of claims against your home insurance in Frisco TX or with disaster relief organizations (if applicable).  It will even help when you’re coordinating reconstruction with builders and lenders.

 Financial records.  In addition to life, auto and home insurance policies, you should have copies of your mortgage paperwork, loan information or deeds.  In addition, you should have a record of the contents of your home in case of a loss – this can include papers proving ownership and photographs, at least, of all of your more costly possessions like jewelry and electronics.

 Credit card information.  Make copies of the front and back of each of your credit cards and include on the copies the contact numbers – and PINs – for each.

 Vehicle paperwork.  Keep copies of vehicle loan documents, titles and warranty paperwork for every vehicle you own, including RVs, boats and ATVs.  These documents will help in case you need to sell your vehicle or vehicles.

 Other important documents.  Other paperwork that may be important in case you have a total loss includes wills, children’s birth certificates or adoption paperwork, military service records, disability paperwork and diplomas.

Store your important documents.  Ideally, you should have two copies – one original and duplicate – of all of your important paperwork.  One copy should be kept in your home for easy access and one should be kept somewhere else.  Many people choose bank safe deposit boxes or the home of a trusted relative or friend for offsite storage.  To store your documents at home, keep them safe but easily accessible like in a locking, fireproof filing cabinet or a portable lockbox.  If you live in a flood zone, you should also make sure your storage is water-tight.  Another option is to scan all of your documents and keep them on a portable storage medium that you can easily carry with you.  This option, however, doesn’t allow you to have certified or original documents, but is better than having no documents.

Planning for disasters of any kind isn’t easy; but it is necessary if you have a home, a family or possessions.  Part of that planning is finding the right insurance, including home insurance in Frisco TX.  For the best service in North Texas, call the Anthony Blackmon Agency at (469) 291-9006 and visit www.anthonyblackmonagency.com to learn more.

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