Homeowners Insurance In Frisco, TX: Keep Insurance In Mind When You Buy A New Home

homeowners insurance Frisco TXHunting for a new home in North Texas doesn’t just mean looking for great curb appeal or paint color; it’s also means thinking about homeowners insurance for your new home in Frisco, TX.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, when you’re looking for the right home for you and your family, you have to look at the physical characteristics of the home – location, size, construction and condition – that go beyond the cosmetic.  All of the physical characteristics of the home will affect the price and availability of insurance for your new home.  So what are some of the things you should keep in mind when house hunting?

▪  The quality and location of the nearest fire department.  Houses that are close to a highly-rated fire department or even close to a fire hydrant usually cost less to insure.  Whether or not the community your new home is in maintains a staff of trained firefighters with up-to-date equipment and adequate water supply is another one of the criteria your insurance company will take into account.

▪  The distance of the home from a coastline.  Although this isn’t a problem when it comes to buying homeowners insurance in Frisco, TX, it is still a consideration if you decide to move to or buy a second home in a coastal area.  Coastal homes always cost more to insure than inland homes because of the potential of the home to suffer wind, hail and hurricane damage.

▪  The age of the home.  Older homes, especially ones that haven’t been updated in a long time, usually cost more to insure than newer homes.  Plumbing and electrical wiring can become dangerous with age and lack of maintenance.  In addition, older homes often have period features that cost more to replace, which translates to higher insurance premiums.

▪  The condition of the roof.  If the roof is old or in poor condition, it may cost more to insure your home because of the potential for leaks that damage the interior of the home.

▪  The condition of the structure.  Making sure that the home adheres to the current building codes and is structurally sound means that it will withstand weather and natural disasters better than one that isn’t.

▪  The location of the home in a flood zone.  If you buy a home in a high-risk flood zone, you’ll have to purchase additional insurance and you may be putting your home and family at risk from flood waters by underestimating the danger.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, 90% of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding.

▪  The addition of special features to the home.  If the home you’re thinking of purchasing has added features like a swimming pool or a tree house, your insurance premiums may be higher.  Hot tubs and trampolines can be included in the category of home items that are a liability because of the danger of accidents and drowning.

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