Homeowners’ Insurance Frisco TX: The Most Common Claims

Homeowners Insurance Frisco TXWhen looking for homeowners insurance Frisco TX, you’ll need to make sure you do your research. Now that you own a home, a number of things can go wrong, many of which you never considered before. Having homeowners’ insurance can prevent you from having to pay out large amounts of money, but only if you have the appropriate coverage. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common problems that are reported to the insurance company.

Intoxicated Guests

Thinking of having an alcohol-fueled party? If so, just know that you are responsible for any damage to people or property your drunken guests may cause. Passed in Texas in 2005, this is known as the Social Host Law, and it holds party hosts accountable for their intoxicated guests’ behavior. Fortunately, most homeowners’ policies cover damages caused by party-goers who were served too much alcohol. Consider hiring a professional bartender to prevent your guests from drinking excessively.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause extensive damage to victims, and the medical bills to treat them can become astronomical. If your dog bites a guest in your home, you may be accountable for the fees, unless your homeowners’ insurance covers such events and most of the time, they do. Typical home insurance policies include liability coverage for damages and injuries caused by you or other members in your home, including dogs. Check with your company, however, as some won’t cover certain dog breeds that are deemed dangerous. For example, some policies will deny coverage to homes with pit bulls, German shepherds, and Akitas.

Falling Trees

Those looking for homeowners insurance Frisco, TX, must make sure their policies cover damage caused by fallen trees. Wind and other severe weather can cause a compromised tree in your yard to fall on your or your neighbor’s home, property, and vehicles, and result in thousands of dollars of damage. Although you should check your policy to be sure, you will most likely have coverage, should this happen to you.

Injured Domestic Workers

Do you have a babysitter, lawn caregiver, or other type of domestic worker that comes to your home? Have you ever thought about what would happen if he or she suffers injuries while on your property? Chances are, that person will come after you for compensation. Fortunately, your homeowners’ insurance likely covers this type of incident, but check with your insurance agency Frisco TX to make sure.

Get the Home Insurance Frisco TX That is Right for You

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