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Small Businesses That Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Frisco, TX

Like most people, you might think that your car insurance will cover an accident if it occurs during your small business operations. You might not realize that personal auto insurance may not pay if there is a problem. Even the smallest of businesses might need commercial auto insurance. Examples of these businesses include catering, newspaper routes, pizza delivery, messenger services and other home services that you might offer. If you use your vehicle to operate your business, then you may need commercial insurance to supplement or replace personal insurance. Don’t get caught off-guard by not having the proper insurance, or the right amount of insurance to make sure you’re covered in the event an Read more
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Why Even Small Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance

As a small business owner, you probably struggle to limit your operating budget to things you really need; and you may even think that commercial auto insurance is something that is optional and not a necessity.  In most cases, you would be wrong if you made that assumption.  Commercial auto insurance, like other types of business insurance, covers a business – even a small business – in the case of a loss.  You don’t have to have a fleet of long-haul trucks or overnight delivery cars to warrant the kind of coverage that commercial insurance provides. How To Know If Your Read more
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Why You Should Make Flood Coverage Part Of Your Commercial Insurance

Just in case you couldn’t tell, North Texas and all of North America is in the middle of hurricane season, which means it’s time to rethink your commercial insurance.  What do hurricane season and your North Texas business have to do with each other?  While hurricanes themselves aren’t a risk in our part of Texas, residual events like tornadoes and floods are, and that means that even if your business is in a low-to-moderate-risk area for flooding, you could suffer devastating losses if you have a flooding event and your only coverage is your commercial insurance. Your Commercial Property Insurance Doesn’t Read more
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Tips For Saving Money While Keeping Your Commercial Insurance

If you are a small business owner, you are likely always trying to think of ways to keep your budget under control; you may even have considered eliminating your business’s commercial insurance to reduce expenses.  The truth is that for a small business owner, commercial insurance is a necessity, not an extravagance because it offers protection against a variety of losses that can put a small business out of business.  Instead of eliminating or reducing your business’s insurance, consider these alternative, money-saving ideas: Lower Your Spending On Overhead If you’re struggling to pay the rent on your office space, ask your Read more
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The most common types of commercial insurance Frisco TX

As a business owner, you know how valuable it can be to protect yourself from potential liability with commercial insurance Frisco TX. It’s easy to get tied up in drumming up business, taking care of clients, and exploring new opportunities, and dwelling on negative “what if” scenarios often gets overlooked. Even if you are legally allowed to maintain your business without insurance (which is rather doubtful), don’t take a risk that could cause you harm and devastate your bottom line. Here are the most common types of commercial insurance. Commercial Business Insurance Frisco TX: Property Insurance “Commercial property” refers to Read more
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Commercial Auto Insurance Frisco TX: Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

If you own or run a business in North Texas that requires the use of a motor vehicle, you probably need commercial auto insurance Frisco TX.  Adding yet another expense in the form of insurance premiums to your already-strained budget may not be something you want to think about, but it’s important to remember that not having insurance for all of your business’s potential liabilities can result in a total loss of everything you’ve worked hard to build.  Here are the answers to some questions you may have about commercial auto insurance: Commercial Auto Insurance Frisco TX:  Why Do I Read more
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Auto Insurance Frisco TX: How Your Insurance Rates Are Determined

If you’ve ever shopped around for auto insurance Frisco TX, you’ve probably wondered how insurance companies come to determine the exact amount you’ll pay every month.  Though it can seem somewhat random, the process of fixing your auto insurance rate is decided based on a number of factors that go beyond just how much coverage you want and how high or low you want your deductible to be.  Your monthly premium is decided by the following factors: Auto Insurance Frisco TX Cost Factors ✓ Your Profession.  What you do for a living matters to auto insurance companies.  If you drive Read more
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Auto Insurance In Frisco TX: 8 Types You Should Know About

When you’re shopping for auto insurance in Frisco TX, you’re likely going to encounter insurance terminology that you may not understand.  This is especially true if you’re a first-time car owner and you don’t know what type of insurance you should purchase.   Eight types of insurance you’re likely to encounter are: 1.  Liability Insurance.  Liability insurance covers the cost of repairing property damaged by your vehicle, provided it happened as the result of a covered accident and the fault is yours.  Liability insurance also pays for medical bills resulting from injuries you inflict on others in an accident.  In most Read more
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Auto Insurance In Frisco TX: Protect Your Car With Great Insurance

Your car is important to you. You use it every day to get to work or school, to get groceries and to run other errands.  So taking care of it is very important and that includes getting the right auto insurance in Frisco TX to protect your car in case something happens.  We all get into accidents at some point in our driving lives so it’s good to know that you have great auto insurance in Frisco TX backed by the service of a great insurance agent.  Call the Anthony Blackmon Agency at (469) 291-9006 to get a free quote on the Read more
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Auto Insurance In Frisco TX: Be A Defensive Driver

It is wise to have auto insurance in Frisco TX because accidents are just waiting to happen. Everyone hopes that it doesn’t happen to them but with the amount of cars on the road you don’t want to take a chance of not being prepared. Auto insurance in Frisco TX makes all the difference. When vehicles collide, whether it be a simple fender bender, a weather related one car involvement or the worst scenario of a fatal collision, there is peace in knowing that your are insured. Using common sense and abiding by simple basic rules of driving can help Read more