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Is Liability Insurance in Frisco, TX a Requirement For Your Business?

Liability insurance serves many purposes. Some reasons to have liability insurance may not be obvious. As a business owner, you might find that anything can happen at a moment’s notice. Even if you work in a private office, clients and/or customers can injure themselves unexpectedly. A simple trip over a rug or stairs can create a bad situation. While the amount of your insurance needs is a personal decision for your particular business, there are some levels of liability insurance that could be required. Get with the experts at Anthony Blackmon Agency to learn what your level of liability insurance in Frisco, TX should be. Read more
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Why Liability Insurance Is Essential For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner and you think there’s no room in your budget for liability insurance, think again. Every day, small business owners either lose their businesses or become the target of lawsuits–or both–because they don’t understand that liability insurance shouldn’t be thought of as optional. Consider these types of events that could devastate your uninsured business: Damage To, Or Loss Of, Structures or Inventory Burglaries, fires, storms that bring high winds and flood waters and other natural and unnatural disasters can devastate your business in a matter of hours.  Though you can plan for some events, like not Read more
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The Risk of Not Having Liability Insurance for your Small Business

Though many companies can get by without needing liability insurance for their small business, all it sometimes takes is one claim to cause devastation to a company. That’s why obtaining liability insurance should be a top priority for the protection and success of your business. The expenses of a lawsuit can vary, but they generally are very high for the defendant. Some typical costs include: Attorney fees Medical expenses and other charges of prosecuting party Settlement Without any liability insurance, this will surely put your business in serious debt if it doesn’t bankrupt you first. Keep your business covered with the Read more
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Home Insurance Frisco TX: Protect Your Home Now!

Your home is not just a building; it is an investment and a cherished possession. That’s why you should invest in home insurance in Frisco TX. After you buy a home, which can take years and lots of money, you turn it into a place of your own. Since your home is an investment, you want to make sure you are protecting that investment as best you can. Insurance can go a long way towards safeguarding your home.  Call an expert to make sure you get the policy is right for you! Call the Anthony Blackmon Agency today at 469-291-9006 Read more
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Home Insurance Frisco TX: Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet After A Disaster

Purchasing auto, life or home insurance in Frisco TX means that you’ll be protected from financial loss should something bad happen to you, a loved one, your car or your home.  While insurance coverage is important and necessary for rebuilding your life, it’s also important that you do everything you can to get your life and your finances back in order.   Here are some tips for things you can do to get back on your feet quickly: Gather your important documents.  The key to quicker recovery after a major or minor disaster strikes is paperwork.  In the event of theft or Read more
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Home Insurance In Frisco TX: Tips To Lower Your Home Insurance Rates

We’re all looking for ways to save money these days and one of the best ways to save money – possibly a lot of money – is by lowering the cost of your home insurance in Frisco TX.  The first step is usually to shop around for the best policy at the best price.  When you have an agent who represents more than one insurance company, he can compare different policies and rates for you in one place so that you don’t have to go from one insurance company to another.  And a reputable agent will only work with highly-rated Read more
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Protect Your Property with Home Owners Insurance Frisco TX from Anthony Blackmon Agency

Choose Anthony Blackmon Agency for home owners insurance Frisco TX. We’ll discuss your specific circumstances and design a policy to protect your family and property.  Our policies include comprehensive liability insurance to guard against personal injury and accident claims by visitors to your property, coverage for damage to your house and other property (sheds, garages) and flood and earthquake insurance.   Our home insurance experts take the mystery out of buying coverage. We’ll explain the terms of each policy clearly and answer any questions you have.  You need to guard your property against natural disasters and other unexpected problems, and Read more
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Tips For Finding The Best Life Insurance Frisco TX

There are probably a 100 good reasons to purchase life insurance Frisco TX. Preparing for the future is sure to be near the top of that list. We just do not know what the future will  hold for any of us. Regardless of the reasons there are some important tips worth following when it comes to finding the best value for the money you are able to spend on life insurance. — Examine your insurance needs.  How many people are dependent upon you? If you die what debts will be left behind? Do you have other means with which to take Read more
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Commercial Auto Insurance Frisco TX: Three Ways to Stay Insured

Commercial auto insurance Frisco TX will provide insurance coverage for company vehicles and the drivers, as well. Choosing the right commercial insurance coverage can provide needed peace of mind and save your company from paying out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an unfortunate accident.   Business Vehicle Insurance   Most businesses have cars, vans or trucks that are used to assist with the daily tasks involved for the business transactions throughout the day. It is important to keep these business vehicles insured at all times.   Commercial auto insurance Frisco TX will provide coverage for the items listed below for Read more