The most common types of commercial insurance Frisco TX

Commercial Insurance Frisco TXAs a business owner, you know how valuable it can be to protect yourself from potential liability with commercial insurance Frisco TX. It’s easy to get tied up in drumming up business, taking care of clients, and exploring new opportunities, and dwelling on negative “what if” scenarios often gets overlooked. Even if you are legally allowed to maintain your business without insurance (which is rather doubtful), don’t take a risk that could cause you harm and devastate your bottom line. Here are the most common types of commercial insurance.

Commercial Business Insurance Frisco TX: Property Insurance

“Commercial property” refers to almost any venue in which you do business. Whether you operate a restaurant, office, or manufacturing plant, that property should be insured to protect you from the enormous cost of a fire or other disaster. The more valuable the equipment on your premises is, the more costly your insurance will be—but that shouldn’t deter you from insuring your property. In fact, you can count the cost of property insurance as an expense for tax purposes.

Commercial Liability Insurance Frisco TX

One of the other most common types of commercial insurance Frisco TX is liability insurance. In other words, if a third party takes issue with you or your business and sues you, you will be protected. This type of insurance is critical for large and small businesses, especially considering the current legal landscape where “injured” parties sue for anything and everything. This can apply to an entity as simple as a boutique store owner in downtown Frisco: if a customer trips on your doorstep and injures his knee, he might sue you. You never know, so be prepared!

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice commercial insurance Frisco TX is essentially a subsidiary of general liability insurance. It protects you when you don’t perform well, especially when an injury is involved.

For doctors, malpractice insurance is an obvious necessity (not that doctors commit errors that often, but when they do occur, someone may sue about their health). Other business owners, like contractors, for instance, would benefit from malpractice insurance as well. Here is the standard at which “malpractice” is judged: if a patient is injured or hurt in some way, and it is judged that another person in your profession would not be likely to make the same error (meaning you performed below the market standard), then you could be liable.

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