What Small Business Owners Must Know About Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance Frisco TXIf you’re a small business owner, insurance for your business, employees and assets should be at the top of your list of priorities – even though you might like to push it to the bottom.  You can’t be faulted for looking at your business through rose-colored glasses when you’re first starting out; your vision for your business has to be free from negativity rather than focused on everything that can possibly go wrong.  But the reality is that you and your small business are at risk every day from things like natural disasters, fire, theft, lawsuits and more, and for that, you need small business insurance.

The Types Of Insurance To Consider

  • Liability Insurance – Protects your business from warranted and unwarranted claims.  The three types of liability insurance are general, professional and product.  General protects your business from claims arising from accidents, negligence or injury.  Professional protects you against malpractice claims.  Product insurance protects you in the event a product you manufacture or sell causes an injury.
  • Property Insurance – Protects your business property, including facilities, equipment, inventory, etc., the same way your homeowner’s policy protects your home and covers fire, damage, theft and more.
  • Disability Insurance – Protects you and any employees you might have in the event you are injured and unable to work.  This insurance replaces the income you would have received if you were not injured.
  • Vehicle Insurance – Protects a vehicle you use for business and covers injury to you or other people who might be involved in an accident.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Protects any employees you have who may be injured on the job.  Most businesses are required by law to carry this type of coverage.

Other Types Of Insurance You May Need

You should also consider insurance coverage not directly related to your business like life and health insurance.  If you are a small business owner who bears the burden of supporting your family with your business, you must ensure that if something happens to you, they will be taken care of when your business goes away.  Health insurance for yourself and any employees you have will ensure that all of you can continue being productive with proper medical care and fewer worries about potential medical problems.

The best way to know what kind of small business insurance you need is to get the professional advice of an insurance expert like the Anthony Blackmon Agency in Frisco, TX.  Call the Anthony Blackmon Agency at (469) 291-9006 or visit www.anthonyblackmonagency.com to schedule an insurance consultation.

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