Reduce Your Business Insurance Costs By Preventing Workplace Injuries

Business Insurance Frisco TXIf you own a business, then you know that bad things can happen, which is why you carry business insurance.  Car accidents, customer falls and storm damage are just some of the reasons you need comprehensive insurance. One of the most common reasons that employers need insurance, however, is employee injuries.  These can be devastating to a business, especially a small business, because there are often fewer employees who can take on the duties of an injured coworker, which means reduced productivity and lower profits.  The best way to minimize the costs associated with employee injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place.  Here are some tips for reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries:

Ask Employees To Do Their Part
Businesses are most successful in reducing employee injuries when managers or owners work with their employees.  Responsibility for workplace safety is everyone’s job so asking specific employees or supervisors to do their part in implementing, maintaining and improving safety practices, and emphasizing the idea that workplace injuries impact them and the business as a whole financially, will help to reduce the number of employee injuries.

Implement Employee Training
Along with collaborating with your employees when it comes to responsibility for workplace safety, you must also implement training for your employees to teach them how to identify and avoid workplace hazards.  Include safety training as part of new employee onboarding and require periodic refresher training to all employees.  You should also consider making first aid training a part of workplace safety training.

Evaluate the Workplace and Operations
Exam every area of your business, from employee work areas to break rooms and parking lots.  Review equipment and workplace activities to look for problems or potential problem areas.  Talk to employees about their safety concerns and be sure to add new procedures, equipment or facilities to your list of things to examine for risks.

Identify and Mitigate Hazards
As you examine and evaluate your workplace and procedures, take steps to mitigate hazards you find. Replace or fix machinery or equipment, change workplace operations or procedures and add new safety measures to keep employees from getting injured and to keep your business insurance costs down.

Review Safety Procedures
Remember that ensuring safety in the workplace is an ongoing process.  For that reason, you should review and improve your safety program and procedures regularly, especially if you have had, or almost had, an accident in your business.  Remind employees that they should report any new hazards or workplace incidents so that appropriate steps can be taken to stop them from happening again.

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